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Learn more about street photography 街頭攝影

  1. 什麼是街頭攝影
  2. 閃光燈和街頭攝影 

Photography Gear Review 器材使用心得


  1. Voigtlander Nokton 50/1.5 asph
  2. Zeiss C Sonnar T* 1,5/50 ZM
  3. Leica Summicron 35 f/2 pre-asph 七枚


  1. Fujinon XF14mm F2.8R
  2. x100

Film Camera:

  1. Nikon EM
  2. Canon QL17

Other stuff:

Interesting Street Photography Website 有趣的街頭攝影網站

Reading List for Street Photographers 推薦的攝影書

For English reading audience

I am currently coming up with more interesting posts in English. Meanwhile, head over to my website.



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