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Leica M6 Summicron 35-2 Pre-A Kodak portra 400 Prague-00520026



I’m going to call this series the “European” series, and it was from my trip to Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, and Slovkia last summer.

I packed my Leica M6 and M8 with two lens, summicron 35/2 Pre-A and Voigtlander 50/1.5 VM, into my backpack alone with 24 rolls of Portra 400. I usually shoot both film and digital, however about 80% of the photos in the series are film (Kodak Portra 400), and this is also my first attempt to finish a street photography series in color because I always think color street photography is really hard to master. But I still gave it a try!

During my trip I spent most of my time looking for interesting characters and interesting moments, and it was a very unique and challenging experience to shoot in a completely new environment everyday, but I enjoy it a lot as it reminds me of uncertainty elements in street photography. Sometime I spend too much time shooting on the same streets in Taipei, and it gets really hard for me to find new inspirations. I packed 24 rolls of Portra 400 in my bag before I leave, and I used every roll of film during the trip; I wish I have packed more of them! I usually shot around 15 frames every time I go out, I guess this tell us to alway be a tourist and keep our curiosity to our surroundings.

Some people look for the perfect composition in street photography and some look for perfect light and shadow, the point is everyone is looking for different things on the street, but to me it’s always the people. I’m always looking for interesting people, people with stories, or a happy smiley face. The overall experience of shooting a street photography project in such a short period of time and different locations is challenging but inspiring. The overall experience is pleasing due to friendly people on the street, interesting cultural elements, and the pure excitement of using a film Leica to compete these things.

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